Home Service - Moving

Many senior citizens consider moving from their current – often large – residences into smaller and more comfortable apartments or service flats. However, moving house is no trivial matter!

Do you find yourself in a similar situation but are you reluctant to make such a move, or unsure about the implications involved? We offer advice and support and take care of as much as you want us to! From the very first plans up to and including the complete furnishing of your new accommodation, moving all your belongings and making sure your old accommodations are clean upon your moving out.

We have organised this service under BleiWonen.



  • We act as a sounding board for your ideas and requests
  • We provide the interior design
  • We support you to contact the right state agents and financial advisors
  • We will make an inventory of all personal effects that are to be moved
  • We will take care of all floor plans and arrangements of your new residence



  • We will request quotes from contractors and all other parties involved
  • We will draw up a plan and discuss the estimated costs and time
  • We draw up a moving plan
  • We handle any financial and notarial activities



  • We supervise all activities
  • We provide progress reports to the client
  • We provide advice on interior design and, at your request, supply such matters as furniture, soft furnishings, curtains, kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary fittings, lighting and decorations
  • We arrange facilities for electricity and water
  • We install kitchens, bathrooms and sanitary fittings
  • We restore and upholster existing furniture
  • We cancel and (re-)apply for any running subscriptions and memberships
  • We handle all new phone, cable and internet connections



  • We realise the move, including any packing and unpacking activities
  • We install all lighting
  • We will place all your furniture, bed and other household effects
  • We take care of decorating your home: paintings, accessories etc.
  • We make sure the old accommodations will be cleaned after your moving out
  • We make sure the new accommodations are crisp and clean upon transfer